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Popular keno games you can play at Bitcasino As the world embraces the wonders of technology, online casino gaming boomed to success. With just a device connected to the internet, you have access to a wide range of online casino games with a low house edge. All you have to do is sign up with the casino site of your choice and deposit funds. Another advantage of online casino gaming is the bonuses offered by the site. With the help of generous casino bonuses, you can play more games without going over your budget. These perks can also boost your chances of winning and makeRead More →

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Crypto 101: Gas fee basics in cryptocurrency Every service has a price and the same can be said for blockchain services. This often comes in the form of a gas fee, a compensation for the network’s computing power when used in a transaction. It has become the driving force behind many crypto networks and how it works is a fundamental knowledge all traders like you should know.  Gas fees can be found in almost every second-generation blockchain, also called ‘smart network’. These are defined by the reliance on smart contracts to conduct many of its user exchanges. Knowing how gas fees work gives you insightRead More →

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Online craps: Bets you can place Online casinos are amazing sites as they give you a wide array of games to choose from aside from the usual Bitcasino slots and live games. Among those that you can find in online casinos is the fun game of craps.  Craps is a fun title you can find in the Bitcasino live section as it’s also considered an exciting table game to play. Unlike the other options which are played with cards, this game is played with a pair of dice. It also shares similarities with roulette as it gives you a chance to spread your bets onRead More →

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What are the pros and cons of crypto mining? Crypto mining is a popular way of accruing assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Knowing the pros and cons of crypto mining is crucial to an investor’s growth within the crypto space because this is a way of growing their portfolio. This is the starting point you need to know, especially if you are a beginner. Before you look into the pros and cons, learn about crypto mining itself first so you can understand what you are getting into. What is crypto mining? Crypto mining involves verifying and adding new cryptocurrencies to the blockchain by having theRead More →

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Martingale strategy: Can you use it on online roulette? Among the many fun games you can play in online casinos is roulette. This game has grown massively in terms of popularity and eventually became one of the most distinct casino symbols. This makes it no longer that surprising that the game is well-featured in online casinos as well. If you’re used to playing inside land casinos, you may have heard about several betting techniques that frequent roulette players use. These techniques include the Martingale strategy which some bettors are curious to know if it can possibly be used on games found in Bitcasino live casino. Read More →

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A guide to using stablecoins for online betting Due to the convenience that online betting provides, people have shown more interest in it. With online betting, you’ll have access to various betting options with just a few clicks. Betting using digital currency has also become a go-to option for many punters. Crypto betting not only guarantees a more secure and hassle-free betting experience but also faster and anonymous transactions. With the abundance of online betting sites that accept crypto, betting using coins has become more accessible which resulted in the continuous growth of the crypto market.  When playing casino games, you can claim bonuses suchRead More →

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What are slot tournaments and how do they work? Slot game tournaments are one of the most notable innovations in the gambling industry. This is a proper emulation of video games in the online casino space which lacked the competitive fire that video games have.  These tournaments are starting to gain popularity which is why there is potential for them to become a mainstream attraction. People already love learning about online slot games but with the addition of competitions for them, the experience can improve. Players also bet on Bitcasino live casino and online table games but since slot gameplay is quite easy to understandRead More →

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Should you invest in Cardano (ADA)? With thousands of crypto assets on the market, one of the most successful public blockchain networks to use the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm is Cardano or ADA. Due to its shared goal of building a connected yet decentralized network that permits smart contracts and dApps to operate, this network is currently regarded as one of the best alternatives to big assets such as Ethereum.  As the crypto sphere continues to change over time, many, including Bitcasino live casino players, are diversifying their portfolios by exploring more assets to invest in. Here is a closer look at Cardano or ADA ifRead More →

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Biggest crypto myths you should know Crypto is a digital currency designed to function as a means of exchange online through blockchain technology. Blockchain uses cryptography to record and secure crypto transactions. It is basically a decentralised ledger that is maintained and updated by a network of computers.  Since no central authority is responsible for issuing crypto, transactions using coins are safer and faster. Despite the success of crypto, it can still be overwhelming to learn about crypto, especially if you are a new crypto asset holder. To help you get started, here’s a guide on crypto and the crypto myths you should know: HowRead More →

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Crypto terms to learn before investing for beginners As crypto continues to grow exponentially over the years, more potential investors continue to look into it. Understanding more about the crypto market is important if you see its potential and are interested in investing in it.  One of the best things you can do to overcome the crypto learning curve is to read guides on its basic terminologies. This will help you gain a basic grasp of what these digital assets are all about.  Once you have a deeper understanding of the processes of the crypto market, betting on Bitcasino live casino games will be aRead More →