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What are the advantages of VIP online casino players

A casino’s VIP programme is designed to elevate a player’s experience. As a VIP player, you can expect various perks, benefits, and incentives to come to you. These will help you win bigger and better prizes in the long run. 

In most cases, the casino will hand over an exclusive invite after passing their set criteria. The best way to get this invite is by playing consistently and placing high wagers now and then. 

If you are a player who likes playing with big wagers, getting a Bitcasino VIP invite is inevitable. Simply continue playing, and your efforts will eventually be recognised by the casino as they are always on the lookout for potential VIP players. The best place to play is at casinos with a big selection of games to play such as the Bitcasino live casino.

Interested in what the high-roller games has to offer? Learn more about VIP programmes and the advantages they offer.

How does a casino VIP programme work? 

VIP programmes vary from each other depending on the casino where you’re playing. One important thing to note is that not everyone is meant to become a VIP player. This programme is usually designed for the most loyal players and high rollers. Once you are deemed worthy, you will receive an invitation from the casino.

If you want to get this exclusive invite, you should make the most of the benefits you can get from this programme and play your favourite games as much as you can. Participating in the casino for a long period increases your chances of receiving this invitation.

What are the casino VIP programme advantages? 

Enjoy being treated like royalty in the casino’s VIP club! You can find out more about the amazing benefits that set VIP players who utilise a Bitcasino bonus apart from the rest. The following information will help you know what to look out for and if it would be beneficial to take a chance and start betting with the casino. Discover the different perks and benefits you can enjoy here:

Your very own VIP manager

Most programmes will offer players their personal VIP managers. All of them have professional training, are knowledgeable about all casino games, and can even offer you advice while you play. 

The managers don’t have a time restriction and can assist you for as long as you’re on the premises. When an issue arises during your gaming session, you can contact them through email or your preferred mode of communication. Besides casino-related tasks, you can also ask them to book your flights, get reservations, and so on.

Collect points and turn them into cash

This is one of the perks you can influence in a casino’s VIP programme. Some casinos let players collect points from each wager they place for a reward. This means that the longer time you spend betting on the site, the more points you can earn. In most cases, you can convert the points you collect over time into cash if desired. The conversion rate may vary between casinos. 

Get invites to visit other countries

Out of the many advantages you can get, one of the most exciting perks you can earn is an exclusive trip to another country. You can win rewards like these by participating in casino events and promotions. Players who get chosen to take part can win an all-expense paid trip that includes: lodging, transportation, and more! 

So, whether you appreciate the excitement of winning large prizes or simply enjoy travelling, it wouldn’t hurt to try for a VIP membership now!

Limitless withdrawals and deposits

As a VIP member, you have no withdrawal or deposit limits. Considering regular players can only withdraw and deposit a fixed amount per day, this works to your advantage. You will have more chances to earn higher payouts per day and worry less about limitations once you become a member of the programme. 


Get access to exclusive games

Online casinos will give their VIPs access to a variation of exclusive games they alone can play. These titles are specific for VIPs as they were designed to accommodate their huge bankrolls. As soon as you join the VIP club, you can play and gamble on these games.

Most online casinos, such as Bitcasino, will have an arsenal of prestigious game titles fit for a high roller like you. These are some of the software providers you can expect to encounter:


The best online table games can be found at OneTouch. Play high roller versions of everyone’s favourite table games such as dice, roulette, and blackjack. They also have an amazing selection of slot games you can win big on!


Evolution is a notable live dealer game provider in the industry. They offer a wide range of games that give off a mix of nostalgia and digital. Among Evolution’s best titles are Lightning Roulette, Crazy Time, and Dragon Tiger. 

Bombay Live

Play live casino games in a prestigious setting. With high stakes and payouts, Bombay Live offers VIP players a grand gaming experience. Enjoy their spin on the classics such as roulette, baccarat, and Andar Bahar.

Receive birthday promos

Most casinos, if not all, give VIPs a unique birthday gift on their special day. These can either be free spins, special bonuses and many more. Some presents might be more lavish than others based on your tier level. This means the higher your VIP level is, the more prestigious the gifts you can receive.

Win amazing prizes

If you thought the trips, invitations, and other perks were amazing, this benefit could astound you. Being part of the VIP club exposes you to the possibilities of winning great prizes such as brand-new automobiles, recently released electronics, jewellery, and even household appliances. All these costs are frequently provided during events organised by the casino, whether it’s an anniversary event, a seasonal event, and so on.

Exclusive offers and promotions 

Get ready to receive many rewards, offers, and promotions as a casino VIP player; they are on the way. These typically come in free spins, cashback, and cash prize promotions. At a top online casino like Bitcasino, you can expect to be rewarded with dazzling privileges and rewards complementing your rank. Some of the most notable rewards include weekly rebate promotions and wager-free bonuses. 

What are the steps to becoming a VIP member at a casino

Becoming a VIP member isn’t as complex a process as many think it is, as it is typically straightforward. Once you are deemed worthy, you will receive an email invitation to join once the casino decides you have attained a level that qualifies you.

To get started, you have to go to your chosen online casino and find out where you can sign up. From there, you will need to input your information, such as your username, password, email address, and so on. 

Once you’ve filled out the sign-up prompt with the necessary information, press the sign-up button to confirm it. You will receive a verification email once the process has been confirmed. You then need to press the link. It will automatically transfer you to the site, where you will be logged in and verified. 

The only thing left to do is edit your profile. If you have any online banking preferences, you can also start depositing. Great online casinos will offer different payment methods for their customers to use. Although fiat currencies are still popular, cryptocurrencies are also becoming a go-to option. 

To be considered for a VIP membership, your playing activity needs to be noteworthy. You can achieve this by playing consistently and with high wagers.

Enjoy the high-roller life and win big

There are tons of great casinos, such as Bitcasino, that can help you live and enjoy the high-roller life to the fullest. Great VIP programmes will offer great perks and benefits for their players to enjoy. Besides this, expect to be treated like royalty with their services. You can enjoy this and more by consistently playing on your preferred online casino to get the exclusive invite. 

As long as your online casino is able to offer a great selection of game titles, this will be easy to do. This is why it can become crucial to check an online casino’s game catalogue first before signing up with them. By doing so, you can enjoy and win big all the while earning your spot on their list of prospects to join their programme. Maximise the thrill of each wager by placing high-stakes wagers. 

Most casinos will have several special benefits lined up for you to enjoy once you become a member. Who knows? The next bet you place might be the one that will earn you access to the upper echelons of the casino!


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