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Uncover the best blackjack strategy charts to reach 21

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games due to its easy gameplay. However, despite its easy to learn mechanics, did you know that there are different strategies various punters use to increase their chances of winning? These techniques have been around for a while to help players minimise losses. One approach used by players is the strategy charts. 

Blackjack strategy charts consist of several rows and columns that allow the player to consult the chart to determine the most advantageous possible moves and choices that are available in the current situation after obtaining the first two cards and seeing the card that the dealer has face-up. 

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What is blackjack?

The objective of blackjack is to reach 21 without going over to beat the dealer. Players are given two cards each and have the option to hit, stand, surrender or split. Keep in mind that any player who scores at least 21 before the dealer does win the pot.

To better understand how blackjack strategy charts work, it’s best to know the different actions involved in the game: 


If you hit, the dealer will give you a new card, and you have the option of continuing to draw cards until you bust. 


Standing in blackjack means that you maintain your current total and complete your turn.


In the event of a surrender, half of the initial wager is restored to the player’s stack and the rest goes to the dealer.


An initial two-card hand that comprises two cards of the same value may be divided/split. An extra card is then given to each hand by the dealer if the player chooses to divide the cards.

Double down

A double down is when you get an additional card in exchange for a stake equal to your original ante. After the third card is dealt, your hand is over and you must wait to see what the dealer has in store for you.

Blackjack strategy charts you can use

Every BlackJack strategy has been put through its paces with the use of computer simulations and theoretical analysis. If you follow these pointers, you’ll give yourself a far greater shot of winning the game.

Single deck blackjack strategy chart

Blackjack with a single regular deck of cards is known as single-deck blackjack, and the dealer must hit on soft 17 in this variation of the game. Since it provides the dealer with the opportunity to build the 18, 19, 20 and 21 hands that can win against a player.

The fact that this particular variation has a relatively modest house edge is the most important selling factor for it. 

The photo below shows a strategy chart for a single-deck game assuming that the dealer hits soft 17: 

game sample

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Double-deck blackjack strategy chart

When playing blackjack, the number of decks directly affects the house edge. Therefore, if there are fewer decks, the lesser the advantage because it’s hard to apply strategies such as card counting. Double-deck blackjack utilises two 52-card decks, and is commonly preferred by most punters and is mostly used by casinos.

Multiple deck blackjack strategy chart

A multi-deck blackjack utilises 4 or more decks during the game. This type of deck has a higher house advantage since more decks are utilised. The photo below shows a strategy chart for a multiple-deck game assuming that the dealer stands on a soft 17:

blackjack review main

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How to read blackjack strategy charts

If you’re a beginner in the world of casinos, it can be quite intimidating and confusing to see strategy charts especially when you’re unfamiliar with different terminologies. 

Blackjack strategy charts utilise colours and numbers to indicate the actions a player should take. Keep reading below to see the aspects that make up a blackjack strategy chart: 


The actions indicated in blackjack strategy charts start with the first letter of the said action. Through this, it can be easier for players to memorise what type of action they should take when playing. 

  • H – Hit
  • S – Stand
  • Dh – Double if possible, otherwise, hit
  • Ds – Double if possible, otherwise stand
  • P – Split the pair
  • Ph – Split if allowed to split after double, otherwise hit.


To help players understand and remember the various actions in blackjack strategy charts, it employs a colour coding scheme:

  • Hit is green
  • Stand is red
  • Double Down is blue
  • Pair Split is yellow
  • Surrender is orange.

Benefits of using blackjack strategy charts

While there are plenty of strategies, learning the chart gives players more specific tactics they can apply when playing. Here are some of the advantages of blackjack charts you should know about:

Guides with what action you should take

If you happen to be a beginner who is not familiar with what type of action you should take, utilising a blackjack strategy chart can help you with decision making since it serves as a guide that tells what action you should take. Keep in mind that it is still upon your discretion on whether or not to follow the chart.

Lessens your losses

What’s great about blackjack strategy charts is that they were put under numerous computer simulations and theoretical analyses to ensure that punters who use them can lessen their losses when playing. 

Improves your gameplay

There are times when a novice player is unsure of what action to take which makes their gameplay seem poor. Memorising blackjack strategy charts can improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning the pot. 

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