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What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in? 

The crypto market is filled with phenomenal investments as the value can go up to the roof. Some heavy hitters around the crypto world have separated themselves from the rest of the market and become the industry’s top dogs. 

Here are some of the best cryptocurrencies you can invest in:

Bitcoin (BTC) 

As the biggest crypto asset of all time, Bitcoin has remained the king for more than a decade cause it’s versatile. You can always see it as the flagship asset due to its popularity. It is used across shops or even as a Bitcasino bonus when playing casino games there. 

The constant top dog

Across the industry, every asset has yet topped Bitcoin. There might be a crypto asset that will enact big changes in the future, but that will take time because Bitcoin has proven to be a top-tier option. 

The interest in Bitcoin continues to ramp up with time, and its value will keep increasing. Bitcoin has also broken through in the mainstream, which will have good effects on the entire industry since this is the face of the crypto market. 

Bitcoin will still keep growing

In November 2021, Bitcoin reached an all-time high value of around $65,000. There was nowhere to go from there but down, leading to the struggle afterwards. However, as Bitcoin rises, you can expect the asset to go up to that value and possibly even exceed it. Almost every crypto expert has predicted that Bitcoin will return to the top, which means it will only grow from here. 

With the acceptance of Bitcoin as an official currency in countries like El Salvador and the Central African Republic, the future is bright when other nations notice that it is viable as a payment method. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Seen as the second fiddle to Bitcoin, Ethereum is much more than just the silver medalist. For most of its lifespan, ETH has fantastic benefits to its users in the crypto market because it is not only a coin; it has an entire ecosystem. 

Ethereum’s ecosystem

Aside from investing in ETH, you should look at the system that Ethereum powers which is the ecosystem. You can have fun with the crypto asset, but that is only the beginning because Ethereum and its blockchain power some projects. Here are just a few of those projects.

  • Decentralised Finance (DeFi) – This is the spin on the traditional financial world where you can see peer-to-peer transactions rather than those you’re used to with all banks and third parties interfering. There are tons of possibilities with DeFi, ranging from insurance to full-blown financial systems. 
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. These represent real-world items like artwork, sports cards, and other rarities. 
  • Gaming – Crypto gaming has taken off with Ethereum as the focal point. Play-to-earn models have also skyrocketed because people love to play and can earn crypto coins like Ether from it. Titles like The Sandbox, CryptoKitties, and My Crypto Heroes are awesome games you can play here. 

Benefits of using the ecosystem

Logging into the Ethereum ecosystem is helpful with all the innovative projects that have stemmed from it. Here are some of the biggest benefits of Ethereum.

  • The network – You can always access crypto assets with Ethereum, but you can also use the DeFi apps that can help create unique experiences for you and other people. This boosts the value of ETH, which also improves the network’s quality.
  • The move to Proof of Stake – It has become more environmentally friendly because it is not using too much energy anymore with the Proof of Work system where energy was taken. Proof of Work is the process involving the form of adding new blocks of transactions to a blockchain. The Proof of Stake model has random validators based on how many of their coins are in the network, called the staked amount.

Tether (USDT) 

Veering from the standard cryptocurrencies, Tether or USDT has become one of the most popular choices. The biggest drawing factor for USDT is the unchanging value which will stay stable amidst crypto’s volatility. 

Tether’s value will not get too high or low because they are pegged or linked to the United States Dollar. Since the USD is one of the most lucrative currencies in the world, Tether is stable, which has paid off well for its viability as a top asset.

Stability is crucial for USDT 

Here are some of the advantages of the stability that USDT provides.

  • Transparency – With the connection to USD, USDT gives its users a transparent look into its value, and the transactions will be clear and concise. 
  • The value is always stable – Growth will matter with USDT, establishing good footing for the rest of the crypto market. Stability will be crucial for that growth, unlike other crypto coins that can sometimes be volatile. 
  • USDT’s transaction speed – Combined with the stable value, quick transactions are commonplace with USDT, which will be important for your asset use. 

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano was first introduced in 2017, and in the years since, it has quickly become one of the best choices in the crypto market. It is a decentralised open-source system that runs on Proof of Stake. You might see some similarities between Ethereum and Cardano, which is deliberate because its creator is Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of the latter asset. 

Despite Ethereum moving to the PoS system, Cardano is the pioneer of staking in the crypto market, which made it popular in the first place.

A multi-layered crypto asset

Cardano has the Settlement Layer and the Computational Layer, which will be vital to the experience with the asset. The former is used to check out the transactions properly, and at the same time, that is done often there. The Computational Layer involves the deployment of smart contracts that will be used to govern the network. 

These layers will be a big deal for Cardano because they are useful for energy conservation, and at the same time, the fast transactions will be made even easier with the asset. Cardano is a better crypto asset with all of these layers since everything is protected and runs smoothly with all those moving parts.

Litecoin (LTC) 

Often branded as Bitcoin’s younger brother, Litecoin is one of the best choices you can make in the crypto investment market. It has many qualities that you can expect from a long-running crypto coin. Here are a few of them. 

  • Litecoin is arguably the fastest coin in transactions, as it can make 54 transactions per second. New blocks can be made every two and a half minutes.
  • Litecoin has low fees when used in transactions because it has a larger supply and lower demand than most cryptocurrencies.
  • Its longevity has proven that it deserves attention as a worthwhile investment. 
  • Litecoin has some explosive price hikes, which make it quite valuable compared to other crypto assets in the market.

More than just Bitcoin-lite

Since its launch in 2011, Litecoin has often been compared to Bitcoin, leading to people deeming it the lesser version. Most people in the crypto space know that BTC’s transaction speed is much lower than LTC, which is a big advantage for Litecoin. 

The Scrypt algorithm is also involved in Litecoin, which has stronger computer power than other assets. Speed and a solid return on investment are what makes people keep coming back to Litecoin. 

Bitcoin is regarded as the gold standard, but people should look into its perceived smaller brother, Litecoin.

Polkadot (DOT)

In 2016, Polkadot was founded as a unique project in the crypto market to connect blockchains. There is no hard limit on DOT, which makes the token in circulation has solid potential moving forward because the value can keep going up. There is a solid markup in price every year which will keep growing with time. 

Connecting blockchains

Investing in DOT means you are looking into the asset and investing in the tool to build blockchain connections. This is crucial because people can exchange data and process transactions better across blockchains. 

Another Ethereum co-founder is behind Polkadot – Gavin Wood. This is another home run for him because DOT has been a valuable asset, and how it is used to connect blockchains has been crucial to the growth of the asset and the rest of the crypto market. 

How crypto assets can be used in the future

The future is bright for the crypto market because it has faced many issues and has still come out strong. It is now a mainstream asset, with Bitcoin leading the way and technology continuing to evolve. There are more possibilities with the crypto market moving forward. 

Bitcoin has already taken steps as a legit mode of payment for certain countries. This bodes well not only for BTC but for the entire crypto market. This kind of acceptance around the world makes for a promising future for crypto. There will be questions for the industry, but with assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the sceptics might get convinced to keep investing in crypto.

Invest in crypto and reap the benefits

The crypto market is filled with some fantastic assets named here and across the market. There are many uses for crypto and the benefits you can get from investing in the industry. Multiple platforms have popped up and turned into legitimate sites like online casinos and sportsbooks.

Among those platforms, you can get the best experience with the Bitcasino VIP program, using all of the crypto assets you accrued to make your bets while also benefiting from the bonuses provided by the program.

Crypto assets have become more popular with time and will continue to grow, which reassures their status as a valuable part of the future of the financial world. 



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