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Online craps: Bets you can place

Online casinos are amazing sites as they give you a wide array of games to choose from aside from the usual Bitcasino slots and live games. Among those that you can find in online casinos is the fun game of craps. 

Craps is a fun title you can find in the Bitcasino live section as it’s also considered an exciting table game to play. Unlike the other options which are played with cards, this game is played with a pair of dice. It also shares similarities with roulette as it gives you a chance to spread your bets on several betting markets for more winning chances.  

If you haven’t tried playing and betting on craps yet, here are a few things to learn about it: 

What are craps? 

Craps is a fun game played with a pair of dice. Your main objective is to correctly predict the possible results after the dice are rolled. There are several bets you can place across the table so you’ll have several chances to win even if you don’t predict the exact result.

This game first started in the United States as it had been inspired by a European game called Hazard. A century later, craps is already being played in several casinos. It grew more popular during World War II. In the 1960s, casinos in Las Vegas and the Caribbean started to offer it as well. It slowly made its way to other countries and grew more popular. Now, the game can be enjoyed in several online casinos including Bitcasino. 

Bets you can place 

There are several types of bets you can place when playing craps. You can also spread your bets to have a better chance of winning more prizes upon every round. If you haven’t tried betting on the game before, here are some of the bets you can place: 

Pass line and don’t pass wagers 

This is the most popular and the most straightforward type of bet you can place in craps. Both of these pay out at even money (1:1) when the shooter wins and one of them must typically be placed before the come-out roll. These bets must be placed before the come-out roll.

If the come-out roll value is 7 or 11, the pass line bet wins. If it is 2, 3, or 12, it loses. Until the point is rolled again or a 7 is rolled, the pass line wager is still active. If the point is rolled, the wager is successful and fails if a 7. 

Meanwhile, if the come-out roll value is 2 or 3, a don’t pass wager wins and it loses if it’s 7 or 11, it loses. When the value is 12, the wager is pushed, meaning it cannot be won or lost. It stays on the table if a point is established, just like the pass line wager. If a point is rolled again, the wager that says ‘don’t pass’ loses but, if it’s a 7, it wins.

Come and Don’t come bet

The key distinction between these and pass line and don’t pass bets is that they are placed after the point has been set rather than before. These bets also pay out at even money. This means that if a 7 or an 11 appears on the first roll after you have placed a come bet, your bet will win. You lose if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled. 

The point total for a come bet is determined on the first roll after it is placed, making it similar to a personalised pass line bet. Meanwhile, a don’t come wager is comparable to a personalised don’t pass wager. This means that it will lose if a 7 or 11 is rolled on the first roll after you place it, and it will win if it’s a 2 or 3. 

Your don’t come wager’s starting point is determined by any other number, and it will remain that way until it either wins or loses. If a 7 is rolled, it will win and will lose if a point is rolled.


Odds bets 

Odds bets can be placed after a point has been made which makes them considerable as side bets that act as an extension of the four aforementioned bets. There are four odds bets usually featured. These are:

  • Pass line odds
  • Don’t pass odds
  • Come odds
  • Don’t come odds

Each of these bets acts as a complimentary bet to the four aforementioned odds. With that, you have to be cautious about how each wager pays out. 

Place win

You may place this type of bet after a point was created following a come-out roll. You will win this wager if the selected number is rolled before a 7. They can also be on any of the numbers 4,5,6,8,9, or 10. The payouts you can get from these may also vary depending on what you have decided to wager on. 

Place lose

This type of bet is considered the exact opposite of the place win bet. It can be on the same choice of numbers — 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. Iif a 7 is rolled before what you had selected, you will win this. 


This type of bet is quite similar to a place win as it allows you to bet on a specific number before 7. The difference is that you must pay a 5% commission. This commission is paid at some casinos when you place your bet, while at others it is only paid if you win. 


The reverse of a purchase bet, a lay bet carries a 5% charge. Similar to a place lose, you are wagering with this wager that a 7 will be rolled before a particular number. It provides higher winnings compared to a place lose bet but it also changes based on the number selected.

Big 6 and Big 8 

Both of these wagers pay off at even money (1:1), only when successful. If any six is thrown before a seven, the big six wins. If any eight is thrown before a seven, the big eight wins.


A number is considered to have been rolled the hard way if it comes up as a double. They are dependent on specific doubles being rolled before a 7, and they are rather straightforward. A hard 4, 6, 8, or 10 are all options for wagers. You win the bet if the hard number is rolled before a 7. 

Tips to win your next craps game 

Now that you know more about the craps bets you can place, you may also want to keep some few tips in mind to make the most out of every title you wish to play. Make sure to try these and see what differences they can make on your next games: 

  • Use betting strategies → There are several betting strategies you can use when playing craps. Though these strategies won’t guarantee you to win, they can help maximise your chances of winning. Some of them include: 
  • The field Martingale strategy: This allows you a chance to bounce back from losses after a while. Here, you have to double your wager whenever you lose and then return to your initial wager if you win again. 
  • The 6/8 strategy: This is effective if you wager on the numbers 6 and 8 and they appear before a 7 does. You just need to choose the low house edge numbers, which are 6 and 8. This offers a significant edge because it’s likely that these two numbers will roll frequently. 
  • Iron cross strategy: To benefit from this, you must wager on all numbers other than 7. Consequently, you’ll need to place four bets: a field bet, 5, 6, and an 8. 
  • Make the most out of fun play modes → The best way to perfect and learn the game is to practise. If you’re hesitant to gamble with real money, use the fun play mode for craps. You can do this to get as much free practise playing craps as you need.
  • Manage your bankroll → Always check your money and how much you’re willing to spend before playing your chosen games. The best thing you can do is consider how much you are also willing to lose. You may also want to stick with the minimum amount of wager for your games. 

These are just some facts that you need to know about craps and all the bets you can place. By having an idea about these and how you can make the most out of them, you’ll be eager to play the game and see what luck has in store for you!