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Better your odds with the Labouchere betting system

Relying on luck when you’re playing casino games is a risk not everyone is willing to take, which is why punters came up with betting systems to steer Lady Luck’s favour on the player’s side. While these techniques don’t guarantee instant wins, they help increase players’ odds. One strategy that stood the test of time is the Labouchere.

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A brief history 

The Labouchere betting system was developed in the 1800s by Henry Labouchere, an English politician who first used it to win horse racing games and in sports betting. Over the years, this strategy gained traction from the public and was soon applied to casino games.

Basics of the Labouchere betting system

Labouchere is also known as American progression and Split Martingale which uses sequencing and cancellation to decide the amount of money to bet on a certain outcome. To execute this strategy, players need to place additional bets to increase their stakes after a loss.

Both the Labouchere and Martingale betting systems have been compared for a long time since their goals are somehow similar. The critical difference is that the latter allows you to double your bet for each loss, while the former requires you to make a series of bets until you reach your goal. 

How to use the Labouchere betting system

The premise of the Labouchere betting system may come off easy to professional punters. However, it can still be challenging to learn, especially for beginners, since it requires players to follow a formula to win. We recommend following this step by step guide whenever you want to use this negative progression betting technique.

  • First, think of the amount you wish to take home. Keep in mind to set a reasonable plan. A common mistake is setting a goal worth thousands, so try to keep it in the range of hundreds, especially if you are not yet an expert with the strategy. 
  • Second, you have to choose five random numbers. For example, the sequence that you chose is 2,3,4,5 and 6. And then, the total of the first and last number will determine your initial wager. 
  • Third, you will subtract or add a number after the first round based on the outcome. The numbers you used, 2 and 6, should be cancelled out if you win. Repeat the process until you are left with only one digit. Use that digit as your ultimate bet amount. 
  • If you lose your bet during the game, just add another number in the sequence. Therefore, your next bet will be based on the sum of your lost wager plus your first unit in a series.

Keep in mind that it’s up to you whether or not you want to continue playing if you win that wager. Make use of the same numbers if you decide to play again. In the event of a loss, utilise that single number as your wager amount for the next round.

Pros and cons of using the Labouchere betting system

Just like with any betting strategy, using the Labouchere betting system has its advantages and disadvantages. Check out some of the things you have to consider when using this strategy to play casino games:


Manage your losing streaks 

With the Labouchere betting system, you can manage your losing streaks since you’re not relying on any source but yourself. Therefore, you will only be using the sequence you made to win, and if you bet, you can always add another number to your series.

Flexible level of risks 

The thing that separates this strategy from other bettings systems is its flexibility. Remember that the Labouchere betting system allows you to add another number to the sequence when you lose your bet.

You can follow a formula 

Unlike other betting strategies, they only explain their aim. However, the Labouchere betting system gives you a step-by-step guide to using the technique. And it’s up to you to apply in your gameplay. 


Like any strategy, the Labouchere betting system has its disadvantages. The only drawback with this technique is that most beginners can find it confusing. One main reason is that there’s a formula you have to follow. 

So if you happen to be new to the world of casinos, it’s best to think twice about using this strategy. Perhaps, you can explore basic techniques first or make your own before diving into harder ones like Labouchere. 

Where you can use the Labouchere betting system

There are several casino games where the Labouchere betting approach may be used, providing positive results. Check them all out below:

  • Blackjack – banker and player bets are two of the most profitable wagers available for baccarat. Combining the Labouchere with any of these wagers, it is possible to get lower volatility and a slightly higher likelihood of winning.
  • Baccarat – Baccarat is a great game to use the Labouchere betting method because of its high RTP. Your bets will be less volatile thanks to the Labouchere betting method, which also increases your chances of winning.
  • Craps – Craps provides a wide range of even-money wagers, and the high RTP of each bet boosts profits on every conceivable victory in the Labouchere betting system play sequence.

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Now that you are aware of one of the most used betting systems in casinos, it is high time to test your luck and knowledge by playing various casino games available right here in Bitcasino. Just keep in mind to do your own research and practise before playing games for real money to maximise your winnings! 

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