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Test your abilities with these fun skill-based games

Nothing comes close to the feeling of winning, especially when you’ve poured hours into honing your skills and preparing for the challenges you’ll face.

To put these skills to the test, the following casino skill games are ideal for you! With the games’ glamorous graphics, thrilling gameplay and remarkable rewards, you are sure to have the time of your life once you play them. 

Keep on reading this Bitcasino article to find what promising prizes await you in these casino skill games you need to play. 

Loot or Boot by OneTouch

  • RTP: 95%
  • Minimum bet: 0.50 credits
  • Maximum bet: 100 credits 
  • Jackpot: 176,750 credits

Go on an adventure of a lifetime as you search for timeless treasure chests on a beautiful tropical island in Loot or Boot! Though the island is gorgeous, there’s more to it than meets the eye. With bombs ready to explode at any time, this journey to riches is a truly dangerous one. However, it will be all worth it once you’ve survived and dug the jackpot!


If you’re into varying levels of thrills, then use Loot or Boot’s difficulty feature. At each level you dig, you will be rewarded with some exciting treasures! However, as the levels get harder, more danger is afoot. Fortunately, your hard work can be rewarded with even bigger treasures! So choose wisely, adventurers, for this will be an explosive journey. 


Regardless of the difficulty level you find yourself in, you’re going to have to cross the end of the island to take your winnings! So carefully dig through the levels and reach the end for you to find the titanic treasures that await you.

Multiplier Feature

Whenever you’ve reached levels 3, 6 or 9, you will receive 2x, 5x or 10x multipliers respectively. However, these multiplier numbers can also appear in other rounds. If two multipliers appear in one round, they’re multiplied together and applied to the base winning value.

Lucky Ocean by Onlyplay

  • RTP: 97.50%
  • Minimum bet: 1 credit
  • Maximum bet: 500 credits
  • Jackpot: 6.7x your wager

Grab your aquatic gear and go into the deepest depths of the Lucky Ocean! For within these depths, lie spectacularly colourful sights, wondrous sea creatures and the greatest treasure of them all: shining, shimmering pearls.


To take on this thrilling aquatic adventure, you will need to go into the 7 depths of the ocean. There, you will find it bubbling with mysteries and prizes! To find these prizes, you must continuously follow the bubble road and find riches beyond your imaginations.

However, it’s not all that it seems. Behind every bubble, you can find either a pearl or a deadly puffer fish. If you find this thorned fish hiding beneath the bubbles, your adventure ends and you lose any rewards you’ve found in the journey. 


As mentioned, to win in the Lucky Ocean, you will need to travel through the 7 depths and find pearls in each one without seeing any pufferfish along the way, lest you lose everything. 

Fortunately, there is another way to win: stopping the journey. Once you’ve reached the level of rewards and depth that you’re already happy with, tap the ‘Take (Your prize)’ button and you will receive your rewards increased by the multiplier of the level you stopped in. 

Multiplier Feature

Every bubble layer you’ll reach has a respective multiplier coefficient attached to it. As you go deeper and deeper within the Lucky Ocean, the greater multiplier and rewards you’ll get!

Here are the multipliers per level that you can expect as you travel deeper into the ocean:

  • First bubble layer – x1.15 your wager
  • Second bubble layer – x1.55 your wager
  • Third bubble layer – x2.1 your wager
  • Fourth bubble layer – x2.8 your wager
  • Fifth bubble layer – x3.75 your wager
  • Sixth bubble layer – x5 your wager
  • Seventh bubble layer – x6.7 your wager

Candy Prize by Green Jade

  • RTP: 96%
  • Minimum bet: 10 credits
  • Maximum bet: 25,000 credits
  • Jackpot: 10,000x your wager

Taking you on a fun vacation in the town where the hills are as sweet as the rewards, Candy Prize offers a lot of delectable rewards for you to catch! With candies, chocolates and all your favourite childhood treats giving you sweet treasures, maybe having cavities isn’t as bad as mom and dad claim.


In this candy-coloured city, your goal is to drop, crack or clear certain symbols by matching the treats on the cells in sets of 3 to 4. Though it sounds easy, doing this task is challenging as you can only accomplish your goals through a limited number of moves—so choose your next move wisely!  


As you land more winning combinations on the cells, you start getting more and more prizes. Should you not reach the goals, you will still take home some fun treats to treasure. 

However, should you manage to accomplish the goals in the limited number of moves you have, you can reach 100% of the game’s potential wins! So plan out your entire game time and you will be rewarded with sweet surprises. 

Goal pieces

To help you in winning rewards, the following goal pieces are there at your disposal. Follow the instructions that come with them and you will go home a happy traveller:

  • Candy pieces – Set these candy pieces in sets of 3 or 4 to receive both rewards and powerfully helpful Burst icons.
  • Peppermints – To crack open a Peppermint and win the round, you will need to match winning combinations next to them.
  • Egg – To win an Egg-based round, you will need to clear multiple candy pieces until the egg reaches the bottom of the entire cell.
  • Chocolate – Winning chocolate-based rounds need you to open Chocolate symbols by matching at least 3 sets of matching candy pieces.
  • Grass – Clearing grass to win the Grass levels will need you to match winning combinations on patches of grass three times.


Landing your candies in sets of 4 and above allows you to win the Rocket, Explosive, Bomb and Super Bursts. When activated, each Burst symbol will give you a powerful explosion that lets you win faster and with lesser moves to use.

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