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How to play European roulette 

European roulette is one of the most enjoyable casino table games in the world. It’s often the centre of attention on the casino floor because of its fun and fast-paced gameplay that evokes thrill when you watch to see where the ball lands on the wheel. 

Excited to know more? It’s time to learn a few European Roulette basics to equip you for the online casino experience of your life!

What’s European roulette? 

European roulette is a classic casino table game that is played on a spinning wheel with numbers and red & black markers. The winner is determined by the guesses each player makes where they wagered their bets on.

Its main difference over its American counterpart is the number of green zeros in the roulette wheel. The green marker is the house edge of the casino for certain table games, so the American version of Roulette has a higher house bet than its counterpart because it has two zeros instead of the single one that’s found in the European version. 

On the contrary, the European Roulette has one green zero which decreases the house edge. Generally, players are more likely to win more in the European version than the American because the former has a lower house edge. 

Basic rules of European roulette

Just like in land operated casinos, you only need to place your bets and press the spin button to make the wheel spin in online European roulette. 

A ball then drops and you have to wait for it to land on the wheel. After the roulette has only two rounds left, it is announced that there are ‘No more bets’ and players aren’t allowed to change nor bet on the table. 

At this point, everyone just waits for the ball to land on any of the 37 pockets, and the croupier will announce the winning numbers, and bets that won will be paid.

Types of roulette bets

There are two types of European roulette bets: the inside and outside bets. An inside bet has a smaller chance of winning but the payout is much larger. On the other hand, an outside bet has a higher chance of winning but will give you a lower payout. 

The roulette wheel and a betting table have numbers that are laid out and are composed of bets on individual numbers, as well as bets on grouped numbers. 

There are also inside and outside bets where the former are done on a single-digit number, adjacent numbers, and small groups of numbers. The latter takes on larger groups of numbers. 

Take note that the majority of the bets offered will have varying odds and payouts. 

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