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How to play Andar Bahar at Bitcasino?

Like other table games, Andar Bahar is an incredibly fun and addictive game that anyone can play. The game mechanics and rules are easy enough for beginners to understand, and you can potentially win high payouts too. 

However, not a lot of people know how to play Andar Bahar, and at Bitcasino, it’s some of the best games you absolutely need to try at least once. So, how exactly does Andar Bahar work and how can you start playing to win huge rewards? Below is a complete guide to playing one of Bitcasino’s treasured games: 

Game mechanics and terminology

Andar Bahar is one of the most popular casino games alongside blackjack and slots that you should never miss out on. It started in India but quickly gained fame outside of the country because of how simple it is to play. The game starts with the dealer placing a card face-up while dividing the deck into two separate parts: The Andar and Bahar. 

Here, players are given an option to bet on either the Andar or Bahar. The game is designed to be fast-paced wherein each round lasts only 5 minutes. But before you play Andar Bahar, you first need to understand some terminologies to get a feel for the game. Below are the usual terms you will encounter when playing Andar Bahar: 

What does Andar mean?

There will be two boxes in the game and inside are portions of cards randomly shuffled. The word Andar means the box is placed on the left side of the player. In Hindi, Andar means ‘inside’. 

What does Bahar mean?

On the other hand, Bahar means that the box is on the right side of the table. The word Bahar means ‘outside’ in Hindi. 

Andar Bahar rules

Like most online casino games you’ll encounter, Andar Bahar relies on luck for you to win. One deck of 52 cards is used to play the game and the objective is quite simple to remember: A player must guess and pick the position of the main card between the Andar or Bahar pile. 

In hindsight, you have a 50/50 chance of picking the right answer. If you’ve noticed, it’s similar to baccarat where you’ll choose your bet on either the banker or player, but this game is even made simpler for the most beginner players to enjoy. 

While it’s easy in concept, there are still several rules that you must follow to properly play the game as it is intended. Below are a few rules you need to digest before you play the game:

  1. Before the game starts, the dealer cuts the deck and shuffles it. Afterwards, one card will be chosen to play as the ‘main’ card of the pile. This will be shown to all the players participating in the game. 
  2. Players must place their wagers on whether or not the card shown at the beginning will appear on either the Andar or Bahar pile. 
  3. Once the player picks which pile to bet on, all cards will be shuffled again. However, the main card will remain in the middle of the Andar and Bahar piles. 
  4. The dealer will deal the cards again. But before that, players can finalise their bets by adding additional wagers to their stake. 
  5. Soon after, the dealer will deal a faced-up deck on each box while simultaneously making each of the piles have alternate sequences of faced-up and down cards. The dealer will start with the Andar pile if the first card drawn has a black suit like a club or spade. If it’s a red suit like a diamond or heart, the dealer will start with the Bahar pile. 
  6. After a card is drawn with the same value as the main card on either pile, the round ends. If another identical card is on the correct pile the player placed their wagers on, their winnings will be doubled. Alternatively, if the cards are not on the same pile, players will lose their bets. 

Andar Bahar side bets you should know

Side bets are pretty common in almost all casino card games. These provide you with higher odds of winning which can increase your profits over time. For example, if you think a card will be dealt within the first five cards on the deck, then you have to put a wager on 5-10. If you win, you’ll have a chance to win 3.5x your original wager if the card is drawn from the same pile you placed your bet on.

To know the different side bets in the game, below is a table that illustrates the payouts from each side bet you make depending on the number of cards:

Number of cardsPayout

When the betting round begins after a card is faced-up, this means that the dealer has given players the go sign to place their bets. To learn how to place your bets in Andar Bahar, here are a few things that you must remember: 

  1. Choose the value of your bets and place it on either the Andar or Bahar. 
  2. After the timer countdown lapses, all bets will officially be closed. The dealer will then begin dealing the cards for the first round of the game. 
  3. Entering a game of Andar Bahar while the game is still occurring will put you in the waitlist. To get out of this, you have to wait for the game to be over so you can join in on the next round. 

Proven strategies to win in Andar Bahar

While mostly a luck-based game, you can still incorporate a few strategies to ensure that your chances of winning are high. To get you started, below are some of the proven strategies that work for Andar Bahar players throughout time: 

Bet on Andar to have the lowest house edge 

Just like other online casino games like blackjack and baccarat, there are house edges to take note of. The house edge is the innate advantage an online casino has over the players. Placing bets on either the Andar or Bahar will greatly affect the house edge when playing the game. 

Ideally, you want to have a lower house edge. To do so, placing bets on the Andar pile is recommended because it has a 33% lower house edge compared to Bahar. 

Wager on better bonus bets 

It’s generally not recommended to place side bets on any casino game, including Andar Bahar. This is because they increase the house edge significantly which isn’t an ideal scenario when playing casino games. 

But if you had to make a side bet, these are the following Bitcasino bonus bets you should consider: 

  • Colour bet – 50% chance that pays 0.9:1 
  • Above 8 – 46.15% chance that pays 1:1 
  • Below 8 – 46.15% chance that pays 1:1 
  • 6-10 or 16-25 mid-range bet – 21% chance that pays 4:1 

Martingale system 

The Martingale system is a betting strategy that applies to almost all casino games. The concept revolves around the possibility that you’ll eventually win a round despite losing several times. 

Going with this mindset, the maths will suggest that betting larger wagers after every loss is the smart move to go. When things go right for you, you’re going to recoup all your losses because you’ve accumulated so much wager on the next round from all the losses you’ve managed to take in. 

Follow the Joker card deal 

Following the dealer closely is one of the best and most popular strategies when playing Andar Bahar. You have to be very attentive where the dealer picks out the first card. This is where the joker is placed and this card. 

If the Joker card is from a black suit pile, then the dealer will start with the Andar box and vice-versa. Thus, pick the pile according to the suit of the Joker card so you are provided with a higher chance that it is of the same value as the main card. 

Manage your bankroll well 

It cannot be overstated how important it is to ensure that you don’t lose all your bankroll in one go. While it’s quite simple in concept, it’s difficult to apply in an actual gameplay setting. Having the discipline to control how you place wagers is crucial in managing your bankroll properly. Once you master it, you’re going to have a much more enhanced experience playing Andar Bahar or any other Bitcasino live casino game for that matter. 

Andar Bahar is undoubtedly one of the best online casino games Bitcasino slots site has to offer. If you want a simple game that can potentially give you the chance to win high payouts, then this one is the best game for you! 



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