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Discover a new way of playing using mobile casino technology!

Conventional betting sites on high streets face an uphill struggle to retain customers due to the rising competition from smartphone apps that can be used on the go. 

Most casino operators who want to remain competitive must take advantage of the opportunity to make games available on mobile devices. Considering that billions of people all over the world own a smartphone, this is an opportunity that cannot be passed up. 

One of the most essential considerations to keep in mind while participating in casino gaming is the availability of gaming software optimised for mobile devices, which is offered by a growing number of sites. 

These allow players to access different titles scalable across devices to ensure convenience and a high-quality gaming experience. So if you want to learn more about what the mobile casino industry has to offer, keep reading here in Bitcasino!

Features of mobile casino gaming

What makes mobile casino gaming great is that it offers a lot of features for users to take advantage of. These features also enable punters to have a seamless gaming experience and feel as if they are at a brick and mortar casino. Here are some of them: 

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence or AI has come a long way since its invention and has reached a lot of industries including the gambling world. One of the functions of AI is to point out problems to operators. If a gambler seems suspicious of his or her gameplay by playing too much or too less, the AI would notify the provider and in return would check whether any fraud activities are happening. 

In the casino industry, AI helps eliminate instances of cheating and fraud. This gives players more confidence to the casino as well as improve transparency. 

Real-time gameplay

There’s no doubt that fear of missing out can happen to most players even punters. This is why mobile casinos offer real-time gameplay, therefore you can confident that whatever is happening in the studio is live-streamed. Through the use of advanced technologies and gadgets, enthusiasts can watch the results of their game in real-time. 

Aside from giving a sense of immediacy, it also gives more transparency when it comes to the display of results. 

Live dealer

Most casino games require a host to oversee and manage the flow for players. Mobile casinos have also considered this thought and employ live dealers who state how the game works and mention whether a player wins or not. Furthermore, they can also answer queries from the live chat to further ease the gameplay and sometimes entertain the watchers. 

Live chat

One of the many convenient  features of live casinos is the live chat. This enables punters to communicate with others and share techniques and tactics they use to win a game. It’s also an excellent way to talk to live dealers and mention any concerns or problems you may have. Additionally, players can also chat with others in the table to make playing more immersive and exciting.


The camera is one of the most important aspects of mobile casinos. This is the tool that transmits the video from the studio. Most casinos utilise high-end devices to ensure that watchers and players have high definition quality when playing and watching, the game. 

Furthermore, this equipment enables you to see the gameplay from many angles since most mobile casinos employ three camera angles. Through this, you can ensure to see each part of the game and see whether any anomalies are happening. 

Payment options

One concern a gambler may have is how they can pay and deposit their winnings. Mobile casino games have utilised various online payment methods wherein you can use your debit and credit cards, online banking applications, and third-party services to complete transactions. 

Nowadays, payments are not limited to traditional banking but they have also added cryptocurrencies in the options. So if you’re a crypto enthusiast, there are sites that accept virtual currencies for more convenience. 

AR/VR Software

We can’t deny that some players prefer seeing the game up close, but because of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns, it’s challenging to witness a real casino game. Thankfully, mobile casino games have utilised Augmented and virtual reality to enable players to see the game in 3D graphics and sometimes even 360 360-degree videos on computers or smartphones running mobile apps. 

Lighting and audio

Casinos are well lit to provide numerous players with good visuals. This is why the studios ensure that they have professional lighting when streaming to ensure that punters can fully witness the game.

In addition, dealers also utilise a mic so that all watchers and players can hear all announcements. It’s best to wear earphones when playing to make sure that you don’t miss any important announcements. 

Benefits of mobile casino gaming

Although playing remotely may not be everyone’s cup of tea, mobile casino gaming still has its benefits. Check them all out below: 


Travelling back and forth to a casino can be quite a hassle and since the world is still in a pandemic, mobile gaming allows you to play securely and comfortably in the comfort of your home. 

Gamble freely

When at a casino, it can be a challenge to move from one game to another. With mobile casino gaming, you can open numerous tabs on your phone or computer to play different games and get a chance to win even bigger prizes. 

Different bonuses

Most online casino games offer perks such as bonuses. If you’re a beginner in the gambling world, you can take advantage of this receive bonuses that can increase your potential rewards. On top of this, most games also offer a cashback option wherein whenever you deposit a certain amount of money you get a percentage back to your wallet.  

Kickstart your online gambling now!

Now that you know the different features and benefits of mobile casino gaming, it’s high time to put your luck and knowledge to the test and get the chance to bring home the bacon through the different games offered here in Bitcasino!


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