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OneTouch Sic Bo games to play at Bitcasino

One of the factors you’ll love most about playing in online casinos is that they offer a wide variety of games. Among those that you can find are games that are played with dice. These games are highly different from Bitcasino slots which are the most abundant game choice.

There are several games you can play with dice and one of those is Sic Bo. You can find this game among the many interesting game titles that are featured at Bitcasino live casino section. Playing this always guarantees you a fun time that will unlock several exciting prizes. 

In case you haven’t played this game before on Bitcasino, here are a few things you can expect: 

What is Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a game played with three dice that is often called an Asian variant of craps. This is known as a great game of chance as it asks you to guess the possible outcomes when the three dice are rolled simultaneously. 

You can play this game as is or with any Bitcasino bonus of your choice. One of the factors you will love most about it is how it has several betting options you can wager on. This gives you more chances to win. 

Sic Bo bets you can place 

There are several bets you can place a wager on when you try a game of Sic Bo. By being familiar with these, you’ll find it easier to choose which betting option you should be going for. Here are some of the options you may encounter: 

  • Small and big bets → These are the most basic bets you can place. The small bet is when you think that the sum of all the rolled dice will be valued somewhere between 4 and ten. If you think that it will fall between 11 and 17, go for the big bet. These bets usually pay 1:1 and have the smallest house edge. Though they may not be considered 50/50, many people consider this to be the best odds to place in a Sic Bo game. 
  • Other sums bets → This is the type of bet you should place when you don’t feel like betting on specific dice number combinations. All you have to do is pick a number that you believe will be the sum of all three dice results. This can be anything between 4 to 17. Each of these has its respective payouts. 
  • Double and triple bets →  Place this bet when you think that any two dice will have the same number. This bet pays 10 to 1. Meanwhile, a triple bet is when you guess that all three dice will show the same number. Such a bet pays 30 to 1. 
  • Two dice combination bets → Another type of bet you will see on screen are those that look like dominos. These are also called two dice combination bets. These are certain combinations which you can wager on. You can win a payout worth 5 to 1 when you get it correctly. 

How to play Sic Bo online 

You must first place your wagers on what appears to be a roulette table based on Sic Bo game rules. There, you will notice the several betting markets that you must use. You can adjust how you spread your bets if you’d like. The goal of the game is the same no matter how the table is set up. Just remember that each combination has a different probability.

The game starts when the Sic Bo dealer takes three dice and puts them in a tiny chest. The dealer will shake it in a chest before announcing the outcome of the three dice. You will win the corresponding prizes if you bet on the correct roll of the dice.


Bitcasino Sic Bo games you can play 

There are several interesting Sic Bo games at Bitcasino. These interesting games are all from OneTouch. Some of them are: 

  • Sic Bo → This game follows the standard gameplay of the popular dice game. Playing this will give you an idea about how to play it in casinos along with other players. 
  • Sic Bo Pro → This Sic Bo game approach is more suitable for players who have already tried playing Sic Bo before. Expect the game to be more thrilling and the other players who try these tend to already be knowledgeable about how the game works. 
  • Sic Bo high roller → Another rendition of the classic Sic Bo game is that it follows the standard bets but is made for players who want a game with higher betting limits for a chance to earn bigger prizes. 

Tips to win your next Sic Bo game 

Now that you know what Sic Bo games you can play at Bitcasino, here is a closer look at some tips that can bring you an advantage on your next game: 

Go for the big or small bet 

Big and small wagers have the best odds and the game’s lowest house advantage. This is why many Sic Bo players go for it when they wish to have a safe gaming experience. If you want to have a decent chance of winning and hedge your bets at the same time, place large bets on either the big or small area.

Try to avoid the triple bet

Avoid placing the triple bet. To win, make the right prediction on which identical numbers will appear on the three different dice. Although it has the potential to yield the biggest win in the game, getting there is the hardest since accuracy is needed. Despite the fact that it is indeed possible for you to get it right, the odds of getting it wrong is also high. 

Be mindful of how many bets you’ll place

Another Sic Bo game technique to keep in mind is to be mindful about the number of bets you wish to play without going overboard. Always take caution while placing bets because doing so too frequently can result in significant losses. Whether you win or lose, always take your budget into account to make sure that you won’t break the bank. In line with this, remember not to chase your losses. 

About OneTouch 

When the company was established in 2015, this company focused solely on table games. As the popularity of mobile gaming increased, the company made the decision to grow by creating new games while maintaining a unique focus on table games.

OneTouch has its headquarters in Estonia with offices across the globe, including Spain, the Philippines, Malta, Ukraine, and Estonia. They have an MGA licence which is acknowledged for their advanced technology. Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe are among the other continents where their games are currently widely played.

Other OneTouch games you can try 

Now that you know more about the impressive game provider behind this amazing title, here are other titles from OneTouch that you can play on Bitcasino: 

  • Russian Poker → You can create up to two different poker hands from the six cards that will be dealt to you in this game. There are five cards dealt face up instead of the normal two hole cards in a game of poker. Aside from the standard poker moves you are used to, Russian Poker also gives you the option to purchase a sixth card to increase your winning chances.
  • Grand Heist → This exciting slot game, despite being called a heist, allows you to earn real money legally. In this game, you are taken to the world of criminals which makes it more intriguing. It also has stunning graphics that make you feel more immersed to the game’s theme. Among the symbols you’ll see here are gold bars, rings, poker chips, and several other valuable items. This is played on a 8×8 setup which gives you several chances to unlock amazing prizes. 
  • Bubbles Bonanza → Dive into the depths of the ocean with this game and try to keep your eyes open for some hidden treasure hidden underneath. Among the factors that make this game even more special is its immersive soundtrack and deep-sea-themed symbols which help you embrace its concept. It also has several multipliers you can look forward to. This is played on a 6×6 game setup. 

These are just some of the most interesting facts you would have to learn about OneTouch Sic Bo games and what you can expect when you see them at Bitcasino. By being aware of the game concept and what makes it so fun, you can be eager to try it for yourself and see how much you can win from it. Who knows? It might be the game that can help you achieve prizes you only used to dream of! 


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