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Play Live Deal or No Deal at Bitcasino

Everybody has a favourite game show but only a few have the pleasure to enjoy them for decades. It’s a shame when they get discontinued but there are some titles that manage to find another life on a different platform. One such case is the Live Deal or No Deal. You can play it at Bitcasino along with other game shows on the Bitcasino live casino section.

Live Deal or No Deal is a casino version of its namesake with the exception that it can have everyone in the game qualify as the contestant. It beats the original concept of having only one player at a time to have a chance to win a large amount of money. Here’s a quick overview of the details to get you started:

Qualifying stage

The first major difference Live Deal or No Deal has from its namesake is its first phase. Unlike the usual table games in online casinos, this game is entirely derived from the TV show of the same name.

This part of the game is designed after a bank vault’s round lock system. It comes with three layers moving outwards serving as the three reels in a slot game. Once the game begins and you have a bet on stake, there will be segments of each layer that are coloured gold and white. The goal is to have three gold parts aligned in a designated column. If successful, then everyone who placed a bet that round qualifies for the main game show. 

Top up

Once qualified, the game takes you to a special segment after the qualifying stage and before the game show. This shows all of the briefcases numbered 1 to 16 and how much each contains as assigned by the game’s random number generator (RNG). The payouts indicated in each briefcase is based on the size of your bet. 

There is also a spinning wheel with numbers 40 to 250. These are multipliers that you can apply  to any of the 16 briefcases to boost your potential payout. It will spin multiple times and you can choose the same or a different case for each top up spin. The highest possible payout is 500x, including this multiplier. 

The game show

The game proper begins in a similar setup as the original Deal or No Deal but with one major difference. That is how every briefcase is blank in Evolution’s version when they are all numbered on the outside from the original. That’s because of how this live game’s system works in an automated way to accommodate multiple contestants instead of just one. It also hastens the game session, allowing you to play again in just a few minutes instead of a few hours. 

Start of the game

One of the briefcases is given to you at random while the rest are arranged in batches of 3 and 4. They are all opened by batch starting from the upper left then to the upper right before moving to the lower left then lower right. The game officially begins when the first three briefcases are revealed showing 3 out of 16 numbers. Once opened, prizes for the corresponding numbers are removed from the list of potential payouts. 

Phases of the game

After the first 3 briefcases are opened, the banker will offer you a price to buy your briefcase. The amount is usually an average between the lowest and highest remaining payouts. Choose ‘Deal’ and your session ends with an immediate payout from the banker while the game continues for everyone else. Pick ‘No Deal’ and the banker’s offer closes and four briefcases next phase are opened and the banker comes back with another offer.

Objective of the game

The objective in Live Deal or No Deal is to win the highest payout possible. Choose ‘Deal’ if you’re not confident that you have the most valuable briefcase. Push for ‘No Deal’ only when you are sure that you are never content with the banker’s offer.

The fun part about Live Deal or No Deal is how nobody knows the true value of each briefcase until they are opened. That includes the banker who will keep offering you large amounts of money for as long as the big payouts are still available on the board. Most of their offers can even be a lot higher than what’s inside your briefcase. 

The best way to win in spite of the randomness is to have a clear goal. A general rule of thumb is to aim for even just a little bit higher than the amount you’ve spent thus far trying to qualify. For example, aim for 50x your bet if you failed to qualify the last 20 to 40 times. 

Keep the goal realistic like no more than 250x because the banker rarely offers above 300x. It’s still possible but you would have to clear all the lowest possible payout in the first 7 briefcases at least. Take ‘Deal’ once the banker reaches your goal or ‘No Deal’ for as long as there are at least three briefcases that can surpass your expectations. 


How to play Live Deal or No Deal at Bitcasino?

You can play Live Deal or No Deal the same way you play other games at Bitcasino. Here is everything you need in setting up your account to make sure that you can claim all benefits from the game and the gambling site:

Deposit crypto

Bitcasino is a gambling website dedicated to players using digital assets. The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). This means you would also need a wallet where your crypto can be deposited but most newcomers don’t need it right away. If you don’t have crypto on hand right now, then you may use Onramper or Paxful at Bitcasino to buy digital assets using credit/debit cards. 

Take a table game or cash return bonus

Live Deal or No Deal is a live game, allowing you to use a variety of promos in Bitcasino. This includes 20% cashback up to 10,000 USDT and real money rewards from Loyalty Club. All you have to do is go to the promotions page after making a deposit. Don’t launch any game yet until you claim a bonus to maximise the rate from your funds. 

Launch the game

Find Live Deal or No Deal under ‘live games’ or ‘live game shows’ links found in the right side bar for quick access. For a faster method, use the search bar at the upper right hand corner of any page within Bitcasino. Simply type ‘Deal or No Deal’ and click on the first option with Evolution as the software provider. Once in, the game proceeds as mentioned from the qualifying stage to the main game show proper.

Set up a withdrawal account

All payouts you win from Live Deal or No Deal are paid immediately to your Bitcasino account. This can be withdrawn at any time but you will need a separate wallet where you can send these funds to. You can use all of the best ones so long as they support the crypto you are using at Bitcasino. Among the best ones are MetaMask, Binance Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. 


Evolution’s Live Deal or No Deal is a fun game because of its medium volatility and consistent payout over long sessions. Its rules are simple and the theme is easy to get used to but there are still a few questions that need clarification. Here are three of the most frequently asked ones:

What is a Live Deal or No Deal game?

Live Deal or No Deal is a Bitcasino live casino game by Evolution. Everything you see playing on your screen is being streamed live in the provider’s studio and the host is a real person whom you can talk to via chat. The numbers in each briefcase and their designated prizes are digital which helps keep the game fast-paced and benefit from RNG. Thus, every session has a different arrangement of numbers and prizes, keeping your experience fresh for every session. 

Is Live Deal or No Deal similar to the game it’s based on?

Deal or No Deal was a television game show in the United States. The first episode aired in 2005 on National Broadcasting Company (NBC). It later moved to Syndication and CNBC until it aired its last episode in 2019. Unlike the casino game, the game show had 26 briefcases. The player chooses one of them, opens 1 to 6 briefcases per round, and can win up to $1,000,000. 

How do I win a Live Deal or No Deal?

Winning in the casino version, Live Deal or No Deal, is all a matter of perspective. You win if you take ‘Deal’ and the banker’s offer is higher than the content of your briefcase. Likewise, it is also a win if your briefcase contains value that is higher than the amount you’ve spent betting thus far. Using a Bitcasino bonus can help make winning possible so be sure to claim it before playing. 


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