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Experience the thrill and hype of a casino game without having to leave your home! With Bitcasino’s online casino blackjack games, you can indulge in countless prizes and benefits you wouldn’t get in a brick-and-mortar casino. 

Find out what else Bitcasino has to offer to spice up your normal game of blackjack in this comprehensive guide!

Know the basic rules of online casino blackjack

The main objective of this card game is to simply beat the dealer by scoring as close to 21 as possible without exceeding. You must also have a higher hand than the dealer, and if you bust, then you lose the round.

To begin a hand of blackjack, you will receive your cards once you have made an initial bet.


This is the action you should take if your cards are lower than 21 by a large margin. You just have to click on a button to alert the dealer and you will be given another card in addition to the initial two. 

You can do this if you’re prepared for the risk that the dealer would get a better hand or if you’re convinced that the next card won’t result in a bust.


After being dealt your cards, you can opt to stand if you believe that your hand is enough. You can take this action if you’re unsure that the dealer’s cards can beat yours or if your cards are high enough. 

Players often do stand if the value of their cards is 17 or above. This means that the dealer will not deal you any more cards and they will move on to the next player.

Splitting Pairs 

This action is done when the initial cards you receive have the same value. For instance, you receive two fives or two sevens. In this case, you can ask for your cards to be split into two separate hands and you will then have to place an additional bet.

Once your cards are split, the same game rules will apply on each hand where you have to choose whether to hit or stand. You can only split a pair of cards up to two times and play up to three hands in the game.

However, if your cards are a pair of aces, you can only ask for a split once. Note that this is different from the variation of blackjack called multi-hand blackjack.


The insurance bet is a side bet that is usually equal to half of your main stake. You can only make an insurance bet if the upcard of the dealer is an ace. This best assumes that the down card of the dealer is a ten, which would give the dealer a blackjack. It is usually done before the first player begins the first round. 

If no other players wish to place an insurance bet, the game continues. If the dealer’s card turns out to be anything except a ten, the hand proceeds normally and you lose the insurance bet you placed.

Double down

Once you receive your cards for the first round, you can choose to double down which means increasing or doubling your initial bet and getting an additional card to your hand. However, your next action must be to stand after doubling down. You must also note that in some games, you can’t increase your bet by any other amount except by doubling it.


After you are dealt your two initial cards and you see that they won’t do well in the hand, you have the option to surrender and give up half of your starting bet. This means that the hand is over. Many people prefer this instead of taking a risk in an insurance bet.

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Why you should play online casino blackjack at Bitcasino

Get these opportunities and benefits when you sign up and play at Bitcasino.

Lower stakes than land-based casino

Compared to brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos like Bitcasino allow you to join tables in online casino blackjack for low stakes. Only a few land-based casinos offer this kind of opportunity so if you’re interested in starting the game with small bets, explore the wide collection of blackjack games at Bitcasino.

Generous bonuses and rewards

Unlike land-based casinos, online casinos offer bountiful rewards when you sign up and play. Bitcasino offers bonuses through regular promotions and tournaments for all players. These may come as free chips, free spins or cash rewards.

What’s great about this is that there are no wagering requirements that you have to follow to enjoy these rewards. 

To check your bonuses, just log in at Bitcasino and open your account settings at the top right corner of the page. Proceed to the Rewards tab and discover the available bonuses. You can also enter a promo code to maximise your rewards. 

Exciting and fast-paced gameplay

Online casino blackjack at Bitcasino is perfect for players who want a faster flow of the game. Since online blackjack games use a random number generator, you can easily get a hand without waiting for the dealer to shuffle the cards. 

You don’t have to wait for the decisions of other players during the game. Whether you want to slow down during some hands or speed up the game, you can play at your own pace. 

Helpful guides and blogs

Bitcasino not only provides you with the best online casino games but also a vast collection of comprehensive guides, casino strategies and game rules that will help you get ahead. You will also find game features and blogs that will keep you updated with the latest promotions and rewards you can get your hands on.

Exclusive perks

Want to make the most out of your gambling experience? Bitcasino invites you to be one of the prestigious players through the VIP membership club. Enjoy endless fun when you play online casino blackjack games here at Bitcasino. 

Aside from the premium rewards and bonuses that will fill your pocket, you will also be assigned your own VIP Manager. They will make sure that you’re having the best time as you conquer the blackjack table with your skills and strategies.

The perks don’t stop here! You can also join the Loyalty Club and receive Loyalty Level Points you can use to claim special prizes. Just create an account at Bitcasino and continue playing your favourite online casino blackjack games.

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Top 5 blackjack games to play 

Discover the different online casino blackjack you can play when you register at Bitcasino.

Evolution Live Blackjack Party

This game boasts a low-stakes blackjack party where you can enjoy a fun game with the dealer and presenter. Players can make side bets like Perfect Pairs, Bet Behind and 21+3, as well as pre-decision, insurance, double down and splitting pairs.

Evolution Live Blackjack Party gives you a chance to win big through the Bet Behind options where other players can place their bets behind the main players while they wait for a vacant seat in the game. 

Bombay Club Blackjack

Bitcasino’s Bombay Club Blackjack offers a premium gaming experience for the international market. It has dealers who can speak multiple languages to accommodate players from all around the world.

If you want an easy and relaxed game, Bombay Club Blackjack lets you wager a minimum amount of US$0.40 to a maximum of US$5,000.

High-rollers and VIP players can qualify for a VIP membership once they reach the required level. Once you become a member, you will receive promos and offers exclusive to VIP members and you will be given a VIP Manager who will aid you with whatever you may need while you play.

Salon Prive Blackjack 3

If you’re a high roller looking for an exciting game of blackjack then Salon Prive Blackjack is suitable for you. This game is specially designed for VIP players who want to have a Blackjack table for themselves. 

Players who are prepared to take risks should not miss this Salon Prive Blackjack 3 from Bitcasino. To enter the game, you are required to place a minimum stake of US$200 to a maximum of US$3,250. 

Evolution Blackjack Lobby

Blackjack Lobby by Evolution is perfect for players who are looking for options based on the game rules as well as the minimum and maximum wager. It offers a wider array of blackjack variants each with its unique features and gameplay that will keep you hooked.

With a minimum amount of US$0.10 to a maximum of US$5,000, you can join your preferred table at Blackjack Lobby.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack lets you play the game with eight standard 52-card decks. Through its Six Card Charlie rule, Infinite Blackjack gives you a chance to bring home large payouts when you hand has 6 cards with a total value of less than or equal to 21.

Begin your Infinite Blackjack experience when you wager the minimum amount of US$0.10 up to the maximum bet of US$1,250. 

Master the strategies

Although your skills play a significant role in beating the dealer, you can apply different tactics to increase your chances of acing the game. Try these most trusted strategies in online casino blackjack so you can boost your winnings.

Use the Oscar system
This is one of the most common blackjack strategies which does not involve counting cards. All you have to do is adjust the amount of bet you place depending on the outcome of a hand.

Many players utilise this trick since it can be used on both land and online casino blackjack. To use this strategy, here’s what you need to do:

-If you win the hand, you must increase your bet
-If you lose the hand, you must bet the same amount
-When you start to earn a profit, you have to start reset the strategy
-To get the most out of this, make sure you only increase your bet by one chip at a time. Avoid betting higher than this to avoid potential losses.

Know when to hit or stand
When choosing to hit or stand, make sure you consider the following instances:

-Hit soft 17 or less
-Hit soft 18 if the dealer has 9, 10 or Ace
-Hit hard on 11 or below
-Stand on sot 19 or above
-Stand on hard 12 if the dealer has 4-6
-Stand on hard 13-16 if the dealer has 2-6
-Stand on hard 17 or above.

Be smart when doubling down
Here are a few tips when you want to double down:

-Double soft 13 or 14 if the dealer has 5-6
-Double soft 15 or 16 if the dealer has 4-6
-Double soft 17 or 18 if the dealer has 3-6
-Double hard 9 if the dealer has 3-6
-Double hard 10 if the dealer has 2-9
-Double hard 11 if the dealer has 2-10.

Determine the best pairs to split
You can split the following pairs except when you have 5 and 10:

-Split your 9s if the dealer has 2-6 and 8-9
-Split your 7s if the dealer has 2-7
-Split your 6s if the dealer has 2-6
-Split your 4s if the dealer has 5-6
-Split your 2s and 3s if the dealer has 4-7
-Split your 8s and Aces.

Choose the best table
Bitcasino offers numerous Blackjack variations that each have special features, rules and gameplay. Give the different online casino blackjack games a try and discover the payouts, rules and other information of the game.

Once you have tried some of these games, you can choose which one suits you best and you can begin conquering the game with your skills.

Manage your bankroll
You can be successful in bringing home more payouts if you know how to manage your money. You must form a habit that will teach you how to make smarter judgments during each hand. With this, you can have better control of your money and you can limit your losses.
Play with fewer cards
One of the most known differences between land and an online casino is that you cannot count the cards that the dealer plays.

Instead, you can pay attention to the cards that are being played so you can anticipate the next ones that you might receive.
If there are fewer cards in a table, it will be easier to keep track of the cards that have not been dealt yet.

Start with small bets
When you place your bet, don’t go all out just yet. It is always a good habit to begin with a small stake and try to get the hang of the game first. Once you’re familiar with the game’s ins and outs, you can take on bigger risks and increase your bets.
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How to play blackjack in Bitcasino

Test your luck and get a chance to win huge payouts when you play online casino blackjack in Bitcasino! 

Register at Bitcasino

All you have to do is sign up by providing your necessary information. Make sure to read through the terms and conditions and click agree once you’re done. You must be at least 18 years old or at the recognised gambling age in your country. 

You will have to answer a few security questions to ensure your eligibility. Don’t forget to agree to receive emails and other offers from Bitcasino as well. This way, you won’t miss the latest news and promos in our blackjack games.

Once you have settled this, you will be given an OTP or one-time password to confirm your identity and protect your account.

Start depositing in your account

Before you can bask in the fun of Bitcasino’s online games, you have to make sure you have sufficient funds in your account. This will be the main source of your money when you explore the different online casino blackjack games. 

Whether you want to deposit fiat or cryptocurrency, Bitcasino has these options available for you. For cryptocurrency deposits, you will be given a one-time deposit address that you can use for your wallet or simply scan your QR code.

For fiat deposits, just click the fund tab on the Bitcasino page and deposit your fiat currency. You will be directed to the deposit methods where you can choose whichever is most convenient for you. 

Join a blackjack table

Once you have settled your deposits, you are now ready to join an online casino blackjack and start betting! You can opt for table games or live dealers depending on whichever you’re most comfortable with.

Test your odds against the dealer!

Conquer the game with your skills when you play online casino blackjack games here at Bitcasino. Unleash the tricks you’ve learned and impress the players at the blackjack table. What are you waiting for? Experience blackjack like never before when you start playing at Bitcasino!

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