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Everything about the Labouchere betting system

Labouchere is a negative progression betting system that uses cancellation and sequence to come up with a betting amount. This was first used in playing Roulette, but it’s now utilised in a variety of other gambling games as well such as blackjack, slots, baccarat and so on. First introduced in the 1800s, it was created by Henry Labouchere, a financial tycoon who wanted to improve his chances of winning.

The whole idea of Labouchere is to make continuous bets to amp up your stakes after losing until you finish the system. This is also known as the ‘cancellation system’, the ‘American progression’ and the ‘Split Martingale’. 

This has been compared to the Martingale system simply because of their similar goal, which is to bet even through losses. But what sets them apart is that Martingale requires you to double your bet every time you lose. The Labouchere, on the other hand, simply asks you to make a series of bets until you reach your initial goal.

So if you’re curious to know more about this betting system, Bitcasino has listed down important things you need to know about it. Check it all out below:

How to use the Labouchere system

Although Labouchere’s idea and goal are simple to grasp, its process is a bit tedious to follow, but it’s worth a shot if it means increasing your odds of winning. It follows the step-by-step process below that you need to abide by to fully and effectively use this betting system:

Step 1: To start, think of an amount you’d like to take home. This can be any number you want, but make sure it’s a reasonable quantity. Anything from €100 to €200 will do. This isn’t a required step but will give you a limit and goal when playing.

Step 2: Up next is to choose a sequence of numbers. You can choose any at random but it’s best to use numbers special to you to make your gameplay even more exciting. For instance, the numbers you chose to use are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Remember, the simpler the number sequence, the easier to map it out.

Step 3: Afterwards, use this sequence of numbers to come up with your wager amount. The bet has to be the equal sum of the first digit and the last digit on your list. In this case, it’s 1+8 = 9. So your first wager is going to be €9.

Step 4: For this step, you’re either going to cancel out or add another digit depending on whether you win or lose the first round. If you win, cancel out the numbers you used which are 1 and 8. But if you lose, add another digit to the list.

Step 5: Repeat steps three and four until you’re left with a single digit. Whatever that digit may be, use it as your final bet amount. If you win with that bet, you can head home or play another round. If you choose to play some more, use the previous sequence of numbers. But if you lose, use that single-digit as your wager amount for succeeding rounds until you win.

Labouchere’s advantages and disadvantages

Of course, everything has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and the Labouchere betting method is no exception. Here is a list of this betting system’s advantages and disadvantages to consider:


For this betting system’s advantages, you’ll find various ones and even some from individuals based on their own experiences. To make learning them easier for you, here are some of the most constantly mentioned advantages to consider:

Flexible level of risk

The Labouchere betting system is frequently praised for its flexibility. This allows you to tweak your level of risk through the sequence of numbers you opt to use. As a tip, you can choose to add zeros into your sequence to make it a much safer system to use when playing. Also, avoid using double digits on the list.

Losing streaks are more manageable

Compared to other betting systems, the Labouchere betting method is far more controllable when it comes to losing. Because you are the one who provides the number sequence, you are not compelled to raise your wager and all bet amounts are still up to your maximum. So if you don’t want to bust earlier through rounds, try this betting system out. 

There’s a formula to follow

Another perk when using this betting system is that you have the formula to follow and depend on. This will make it much easier for you to achieve your objectives and plans throughout each game. 

Having the formula to follow will give you a sense of direction and overall make your gameplay swifter and more coordinated. So if you’re someone who feels like they need direction when gambling, this system is something you can follow. 


Every advantage comes with its own set of drawbacks and for the Labouchere betting system, you can expect a couple. Although it’s one of the most popular betting systems around, this has been deemed to be flawed by multiple gamblers. To know what to be wary of, check this list of its disadvantages: 

It has no bearing on the chances

As much as you’d like to believe that using this system improves your chances of winning, it doesn’t. This betting system only allows you to increase and decrease the amount you wager so your wins and loses are relative to it.

You might reach table limits before finishing the sequence

Another downside to consider is that you might surpass the table limits before the sequence is finished. This means that when using this betting system, reaching your goal amount or even winning back your initial wager can take time. So if you’re looking for a remedy to a quick and easy game, avoid using this betting system. 

Complicated betting

There’s one thing about this system that most gamblers can agree on and it’s how complicated it is. This betting system is not beginner-friendly and even veterans tend to avoid it for being too complicated. This doesn’t just add to the pressure while playing but can also distract you. So if you’re scouting for an easier betting system, you can steer clear from this one.

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